SAG and Golden Globe nominations will be announced on Wednesday, 12.9 and Thursday, 12.10, respectively. Several publicists have written, as always, asking if I’m interested in doing reaction interviews with nominees. My stock reply: “You know me, guys. I just like to stick to analysis. The nominees are, of course, obliged to sound modest and thankful, and that plus two Excedrin PMs always puts everyone to sleep. Rules of the game. Thanks for offering. — Jeff.”

If and when HE’s own Paul Dano gets nominated by SAG and/or the HFPA, this URL will be vibrating (undulating?) with happiness and satisfaction. And if not, the Wrath of Khan. Will Carey Mulligan make the SAG cut for Best Actress? What will be the biggest potential shockers due to this or that presumptive nominee getting the shaft from either org?