Am I the only online know-nothing urging moviegoers to give Shawn Levy‘s The Internship (20th Century Fox, 6.7) a fair shake? Voices in my head have been telling me for months that this Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson generation-gap/financial-desperation comedy might be at least half watchable, but I’ve been shouted down at every turn by the haters. The Internship is called Les Stagiaires over here, but it doesn’t open in Paris until 6.26 so what can I say or do?

It seems as if 20th Century Fox isn’t doing very much to dispute the hate (which is based on nothing) by (a) waiting until Tuesday, 6.4 to screen the film before all-media audiences on both coasts, and (b) by telling online reviewers to hold their water until 4 pm Pacific on Thursday, 6.6, and warning that “any reviews that run earlier than this date will be considered a break of embargo.”

Honestly…what do those words indicate? That Fox is confident that they’re going to be swamped with ecstatic reviews?

Update: In response to this piece, Variety critic Scott Foundas, who may or may not have seen The Internship, has tweeted a suggestion:. “I [would] go in with an open mind.”

I’m here for another three weeks and one way or another I have to figure out ways to see stuff and keep up and so on. I have a list of all the Paris publicists and I know all the films opening here, and one way or another I’ll manage…but it’s a lot of huffing and puffing writing this and that publicist and asking for a little consideration. They’ve all been very nice so far. Thanks to Deadline‘s Nancy Tartaglione and Variety‘s Steven Gaydos and Elsa Keslassy for their kind assistance. Much obliged.