From Shia LeBeouf we expect more than eccentricity — we expect behavior that challenges conventional notions of, like, sane or sensible. We expect intensity and vulnerability. We expect tears, drunkenness, car accidents, a fine madness, paper bags, etc. We expect to see LeBeouf teetering on the precipice of a sheer cliff in a rainstorm. So I’m not sure that allowing people to watch him as he watches all his movies in reverse chronological order is nutty enough. On top of which LeBeouf has seemed sane, calm and good-humored as he’s watched Nymphomaniac, Part 1. So…why? What’s the point of boring people? I want LeBeouf to get naked, paint himself like an Amazonian native, go up to the Empire State building’s observation deck and jump off with a parachute and then shoot colored flares in the air as he floats down to 34th Street and reads poetry into a bullhorn. The AllMyMovies performance-art piece will unspool on a 24-hour basis and will last until sometime on Thursday. It’s happening live at Manhattan’s Angelika Film Center, 18 West Houston Street. Anyone can drop by. Admission is free.