Hollywood Elsewhere congratulates A24 for brilliantly under-promoting Sebastien Lelio‘s Gloria Bell, so much so you could almost say they promoted it as little as possible. They enabled “critics” to see it but not me — I didn’t receive one invite to a single screening, or even access to a lousy screening link.

As it happened I saw it last September and found it sublime so no harm done, but still. It opens tomorrow. It has a deserved 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even if you saw Lelio’s 2013 Spanish-language original, it really, really works.

Posted on 9.13.18): “This nearly shot-for-shot remake of Gloria is once again a very good film — emotionally relatable and affecting, wonderfully acted, a bit sad.

“Is it okay if I say that the Americanized Gloria Bell seems a tiny bit better — riper, funnier, more relatable — than Lelio’s Chilean-produced original?

“It’s not a stretch to call it a shot-for-shot remake, and yet I found the actors in the new version more engaging. Does that make me a North American chauvinist? Probably, but is it a crime to prefer Moore’s vibe, appearance and chops to those of Chilean actress Paulina García? Maybe I prefer Moore because she’s been around for decades and I feel more at home with her, and because she strikes me as prettier and so on.

“I definitely feel that John Turturro‘s performance as Arnold, Moore’s immature, daughter-obsessed boyfriend, is preferable to Sergio Hernandez‘s version, and I don’t care what that sounds like or who disagrees.”