The Sopranos forever changed how I lived, and still live, my Sundays. I used to plan my whole day around 9pm to watch this. I would make a huge dinner around 6 pm with wine, dessert, cigars…all wrapped up and dishes done by 8:30 and then The Sopranos…to this day Sunday evenings to me are sacred times… no phone or email or social media, but ironically I’ve never watched ANY other HBO 9pm show after this and probably never will.” — YouTube commenter “Kim Pantyhouse,” posted two weeks ago.

Random YouTube comments: Richie Aprile…the deadliest of the dead eyes in the whole series….”fuckin’ Manson lamps”…Richie, Phil Leotardo and Joe Pesci‘s “Tommy” have a sitdown and plot some bad shit…now there’s a movie. David Proval did a superb job…a tiny man, dangerous as a rattlesnake, but desperately wanting Janice’s respect…one of the most interesting and most complex characters on the show….”that was not a marriage made in heaven”…”No wonder the squirrels went quiet“…love the look on his face when she blasted him…”We buried him on a hill, by a little river, pine cones all around.”