Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel have snagged nine nominations each. The first year in Oscar history with eight Best Picture nominations, and only four of these boast Best Director noms. Selma makes the Best Picture roster, but David Oyelowo doesn’t make the Best Actor cut and Selma helmer Ava DuVernay also denied. And Whiplash is Best Pic nominated! No Best Picture nom for Gone Girl but Rosamund Pike snags Best Actress nom. Foxcatcher is also blanked, but the film’s director, Bennett Miller is nominated, and Steve “by a nose” Carell has been nominated for Best Actor…okay, fine, figure it out.

This is a proud morning for Mr. Turner cinematographer Dick “Poop,” per Academy honcho Cheryl Boone Isaacs. Two more CBI pronunciations: (a) “The Birdman” as opposed to just Birdman; and (b) Selma producer Christian Colson called “Christina” Colson.

Nightcrawler‘s Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t make the Best Actor roster…c’mon! The James Gray cabal thrives and dominates among Academy members with Marion Cotillard nominated for Best Actress. And in so doing the hard-campaigning Jennifer Aniston has been bumped out of a nomination. That’s a big surprise. No Best Adapted Screenplay nom for Gone Girl? They didn’t even nominate The LEGO Movie in animated? And they blew off Steve JamesLife Itself in the doc category? Troglodytes. HE’s own Leviathan and Wild Tales both nominated for Best Foreign Language film.