Here’s a mildly amusing satirical riff on a 2019 Ain’t It Cool review of a Gangster Squad-like remake of The Godfather. Mildly amusing but dead to rights. JJ Abrams is (a) too smart and (b) too much of a devoted cineaste to even perversely flirt with remaking Francis Coppola‘s mob classic, but you know that if Ruben Fleischer was asked to remake The Godfather with the idea of keeping the characters but punching up the action so as to appeal more to GenY audiences, this is roughly what he would come up with. You know it’s not a stretch. Just maintain an open mind as you read it — that’s all I ask.

Tip of the hat to “rmburnett“. Is he deliberately misspelling Zac Efron and Virgil Sollozzo as a satirical allusion to the uncertain literacy leves of certain AICN contributors or does he simply not use spellcheck?