“It must also be said that many of those who now call themselves Christians are rich and pious themselves, and are no better, I fear, that the Pharisees. Indeed, they are often greater in their hypocrisy than those who condemned me.
“Now, in these days, many Christians believe that all has been won for them. They believe it was already won before they were born. They believe that this victory belongs to them because of my suffering on the cross. Thereby does my Father still find much purpose for me. It is even by way of my blessing that the Lord sends what love He can muster down to that creature who is man and that other creature who is woman, and I try to remain the source of love that is tender.
“For love is not the sure path that will take us to our good end, but is instead the reward we receive at the end of the hard road that is our life and the days of our life. So I think often of the hope that is hidden in the faces of the poor. Then from the depth of my sorrow wells up an immutable compassion, and I find the will again to live and rejoice.” — excerpted from pages 239, 241 and 242 of Norman Mailer‘s The Gospel According to the Son, which was published eight years ago.