I really like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and so do most of the Rotten Tomato guys — 88%. It’s obviously going to make a huge pile of dough this weekend. But some crab-heads are going “yeah, I guess, sort of but actually naaahhh, not really.” Rope of Silicon‘s Brad Brevet says it’s “just another Marvel movie,” etc. I’ve been picking up on this elsewhere. First, this is bullshit — I know when a movie works so don’t tell me. Second, there seems to be a pattern whenever I like a comic-book or straight action flick. If it delivers the basic elements with low-key intelligence and economy and a semblance of complexity, the geeks say “Hey, why isn’t it geekier? What’s with all the intelligence and economy? Why isn’t it whooshier and more whoo-hoo?” I despise Marvel comic-book movies. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath on The Avengers and screw any future Thor and Spider-Man flicks while you’re at it. But I come around for Winter Soldier and there’s a contingent saying “don’t make these movies for guys like Wells…who gives a shit what he likes? This is our genre! Make these movies for us or we’ll talk shit about them on comment threads.” Reviews are hereby requested by any and all viewers.