It’s been widely reported that Aaron Sorkin‘s screenplay of The Social Network (a.k.a., “the Facebook movie”) is going to be made into a film with David Fincher directing and Scott Rudin producing with I-don’t-know-who playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, founding CFO Eduardo Saverin and Napster founder Sean Parker.

I’m mentioning this because I realized last night there’s a certain resonance that feeds into the story’s underlying theme about greed and corruption — i.e., monster-sized paydays and huge potential pouring out of a dynamic business that ruins friendships and turns nice college-age obsessives into ruthless sharks. What hit me is that folks who know their movies may be comparing The Social Network (when it comes out in late 2010 or the following year) to John Huston‘s The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (’48), regarded as perhaps the best greed-destroys flm ever made.

And that’s it, nothing more than that. Just saying. The only other thing is Jett’s muttered suspicion that The Social Network should have been come out sooner — ’06 or ’07, say — when Facebook was the essential/dynamic site to know, visit and connect with people through. Now it’s Twitter, of course. Not that Facebook is over (far from it) but it had a certain electric vitality two or three years ago that isn’t quite happening in the same way now.