Dreamgirls will get the most nominations Thursday morning when the Golden Globe bids will be unveiled at 8:35 a.m. eastern, but I have a hunch that Mel Gibson will be the big media story,” writes The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil.
“Look for the Hollywood bad boy to rebound from his recent scandal by being nominated for best director. Or if he’s not in that category, he’ll nab a bid as best producer if Apocalypto pops up in the race for best-foreign language film. Yes, foreign-language film, not best drama picture.
“Mel will probably surface in either category (or both) because he’s a Golden Globes darling. It was at the Globes of 1995 that he got launched Oscar-bound when he pulled off an upset to win best director for Braveheart. His Scottish battle epic lost the Globe for best drama picture to Sense and Sensibility, but it ended up slaying the latter literary sudser when both met up later at the Oscars.”