Alright now, settle down: all Patrick Goldstein meant by digging into “Oscar bloggers” at the end of his “Winners & Losers: Big Picture Extra” column and saying that “after the millions of words they wrote pontificating about the Oscars they could’ve come up with a better pick for best picture winner than Dreamgirls” …we all know what he meant.

He was, yes, tut-tutting all those prognosticators who’d been asserting for months and months that Dreamgirls was a guaranteed Best Picture nominee (a group that includes yours truly, Tom O’Neil, Sasha Stone, Pete Hammond and Goldstein himself) and, according to some, an almost-certain winner. But of course, Gold- stein was really flipping off David “the Bloviator” Poland, a.k.a., the Caspar Gutman of Dreamgirls blog-boosters who still maintains that Bill Condon’s film would have won the big prize had it been nominated.