Quentin Tarantino in Cannes a few days ago: “As far as I’m concerned, digital projection and DCPs is the death of cinema as I know it. It’s not even about shooting your film on film or shooting your film on digital. The fact that most films now are not presented in 35 millimeter means that the war is lost. And digital projections, that’s just television in public. And apparently the whole world is okay with television in public, but what I knew as cinema is dead.” HE response: Except for an apparently still-unsolved problem with inky blacks, digital projection is heaven for me. Movies these days don’t just look better on big screens — they look and sound extraordinary. QT is just sentimentally or romantically attached to the organic 35mm experience of the ’70s, which Grindhouse was a huge tribute to. He can have it. Too many green scratches and sound pops, not to mention those occasional faulty reel changes. I used to be a projectionist so don’t tell me. Eight at the gate.