English translations provided by Andrew Sullivan, to wit: 1: (Girl in street): Defending civil rights. 2: (Boy next to old man): Counterbalancing poverty and deprivation. 3: (Boy pushing away donation box): Nationalizing oil income. 4: (Man standing on rooftop): Reducing tension in international affairs. 5: (Boy sitting next to satellite dishes): Free access to information. 6: (Girl sitting besides her mother): Supporting single mothers. 7: (Girl with cast):? Knock down violence against women. 8: (Boy): Education for all. 9: (Boy infront of man locking car): Increasing public safety. 10: (Girl on rooftop): Ethnic and religious minority rights. 11: (Man on rooftop): Supporting NGOs. 12: (Girl in front of wall): Public involvement. 13: (Boy and girl): We have come for? change. 14: Change for Iran. (Ad was for Iran’s reformist candidate Mehdi Karroui.)