Every comedy needs an antagonist of some kind. That’s what Harrison Holzer plays in Jake Kasdan‘s Sex Tape — a chubby little prick who tries to blackmail Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz when he discovers their accidentally uploaded sex-tape video and threatens to send it to YouPorn unless they cough up $25K. There are two problems with Holzer and his character. One, he’s not very funny — all you get are “evil little sociopath” vibes because his first and only instinct is to profit from Segel and Diaz’s misfortune despite the fact that he’s the son of their best friends, played by Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper. And two, all villain or wicked witch figures get their comeuppance in Act Three and yet Holzer’s character skates. Segel is furious with him during Act Two and Three but when things settle down at the end and Holzer’s character tells Segel he’s dropping the blackmail plan because he wants to hang with Segel’s son, Segel dismissively and somewhat lightly calls him a “goofball.” That’s almost like calling Hannibal Lecter an eccentric gourmet.