A friend asked about what kind of gifts and goodies had arrived over the past few weeks to promote the various award-season films. He mentioned the pink stuffed Okja pig as an example. My response: “The Okja stuffed pig wasn’t graft. It wasn’t a gift. It was a pink nightmare. It was repulsion and indigestion. I had one thought when I unpacked this ugly beast, and that was “aackkhh!….into the dumpster”! What a grotesque thing to have lying around your home or apartment. Tatyana loved it, wanted to keep it. I threw it out the moment she wasn’t looking. She hasn’t asked since but if she does I’ll just say to her ‘what pig?’ And she’ll say, ‘The cute pink pig…I liked it so much!’ ‘Oh, right,’ I’ll say. And then I’ll say, ‘Uhm, I spilled coffee on it last week and it looked really bad so I threw it out. The spotless pink perfection thing was ruined…sorry.'”