This is over a week old, but on 11.10 Digital Bits columnist “Two Cents Worth” wrote the following about a Martin Scorsese remark heard via satellite at the recent Blu-Con 2.0 conference, to wit: Scorsese “spoke very positively about the Blu-ray format:, saying it has ‘the potential to replicate the original theatrical experience” and “is the best I’ve seen in forty years of [movie] collecting. Blu-ray offers the ability to see the film as it was intended.’

And then comes a passage straight out of the grainstorm monk’s handbook. “The most interesting quote [Scorsese] offered, however, was something I hope was not lost on the audience of studio executives and mastering engineers on hand. He noted that Blu-ray is capable of displaying ‘a film grain texture which I think is very important in recreating the film experience.’ Can I get an AMEN on that?”

Good God. A breakthrough of sorts has just happened with Warner Home Video releasing an almost entirely grain-free Gone With the Wind Bluray — a revelation! — and here’s this guy apparently pining for more grainstorm transfers in the vein of Criterion’s The Third Man. This shows how fanatical grain monks can be. They’re the Islamic fundamentalists of the Blu-ray fanboy world.

There’s no talking them out of their views, I know, and I’m saying this as one who fully understands and respects the concept of proper grain levels — who understands the difference between appropriate grain and digital wipeouts in the unfortunate tradition of the Patton Blu-ray. The only thing to do with these guys, I suppose, is to hang tough and…I don’t know, wait for them to die out or whatever.