I’ve been sensing that Michael Moore‘s Capitalism: A Love Story might break through. Maybe not in a Farenheit 9/11 way but certainly in a better-than-Sicko way. Jay Leno saying he really liked it was a tipoff. An ex-Fox News broadcaster told me a week or two ago, “A Michael Moore film that’s ‘fair and balanced’? I’m as stunned as you are. Every tax-paying American needs to see this film immediately.”

The limited opening this weekend resulted in the year’s spiffiest per-screen average — $60,000 on four screens for a total of $240,000. The Overture release has grossed a total of $306,586 since Wednesday’s opening. Next weekend’s 1000-plus screen opening will tell the tale. Indiewire‘s Peter Knegt points out that “one hopeful sign was the film’s large increase from Friday’s gross ($62,000) to Saturday’s ($95,000).”