There are only three February releases that I’ve seen and am certain are worth the price of admission. They are (a) Steven Soderbergh‘s Side Effects (Open Road, 2.8), which I’ve been too distracted to run a review of thus far); (b) Abbas Kiarostami‘s Like Someone In Love (IFCFilms, 2.15), which I praised last May in Cannes; and (c) Pablo Larrain‘s No (Sony Classics, 2.15), which I also went apeshit over in Cannes and would win the Best Foreign Language Feature Oscar if it wasn’t for Amour.

A Good Die To Day Hard (20th Century Fox, 2.13) looks to me and everyone else on the planet like another slick empty corporate-crap franchise action flick. I wasn’t able to catch last night’s all-media screening of Identity Thief — apologies. I’ve been marginally impressed by the trailer for Scott Stewart’s Dark Skies (Weinstein Co., 2.22) so here’s hoping.

So maybe there are five or six films worth a tumble before March comes along. But only three for sure. That’s February for you — always a sucky month.