I was asked last week by Movieline‘s Stu Van Airsdale to come up with quite a few nominations for the 2011 Soily Awards…even though we’re smack in the middle of March 2012 with the Tribeca and Cannes film festivals not too far off. I told Stu I couldn’t go back to 20-effing-11 again and that I needed to be in the now. He said cool, and that I could always vote for the nominees when they break. I won’t post any further that that. Here’s Stu’s rundown.

I’ll post my yea and nays when he announces the winners of on Friday, 3.23. But I’ll tell you right now I’m not satisfied with the nominees for the Soily for Worst Picture of 2011 (i.e., “the most appalling, misconceived and/or unpleasant-to-watch film of 2011 — the more ambitious/pretentious, the better”).

Stu’s Soily panelists nominated the following: Abduction, Conan the Barbarian, Green Lantern, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I say no to just those. Your Highness has to be in there, and so do 30 Minutes or Less, I Melt With You, The Hangover Part 2, Sucker Punch, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Republican Shadows.

But seriously — Stu has to run his 2012 Soily piece in January of next year. Certainly no later than early February 2013. And then post the winners a week or so later. Nobody wants to take any more bites into 2011 right now.