Grizzly Man director Werner Herzog seems to have a knack for encountering (or is it attracting?) a certain odd chaotic energy in Los Angeles. First he came across Joaquin Pheonix in his rolled-over car and helped him get out of the car and get to his feet, only to disappear into the night. Then last week (i.e., apparently within the last few days) he was shot in the lower abdomen with an air rifle pellet while doing a video interview with a BBC Two’s “Culture Show” host Mark Kermode. Here’s Kermode’s video piece. First you see the shooting happen with Herzog flinching in response to the crack of rifle fire and asking Kermode, “What was that?” (Kermode told Slash Film’s Maria Belilovskaya for a story filed on 2.6 that Herzog said “as if it was the most normal thing in the world, ‘Oh, someone is shooting at us. We must go.'”) Later Herzog shows his wound to Kermode’s camera and he’s not only bleeding, and bravely nonchalant about it. “It was not a significant bullet, and I’m not afraid…I’m not afraid of anything,” he tells Kermode. “The poet must not avert his eyes. You have to talk a bold look at your environment, at what is around you…even the decadent things, even the dangerous things. Danger is out there, but so what? I’ve done good battle. I’ve been a good soldier…a good soldier of cinema. And that’s what I want to be.”