Putting aside the curious matter of James Cameron‘s Battle Angel, which Cameron said last September would be rolling by early ’06 but which he didn’t even briefly mention during an on-stage interview in Santa Barbara the night before last (Monday, 1.6), it’s been revealed in a Business Week piece that Cameron is working on a screenplay called Project 880, which he describes as a piece of “completely crazy, balls-out sci-fi.” If it gets made, Cameron intends it to be a video experience first and a movie second. The article said it would be a “unique interactive experience” that “will be preceded by the opening of a massively multiplayer online RPG √¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢√É‚Äû√É¬Æ a video game in which thousands of Internet-connected players simultaneously interact, compete, and cooperate….before seeing the film at the theater.”