I couldn’t get into tonight’s Egyptian screening of John Michael McDonaugh‘s The Guard, but I was allowed to take pictures of the post-screening q & a with McDonaugh and his cast — Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham and Dominique McElligot. I ran into Harvey Weinstein, who said he “liked it…it’s a very charming film.” I talked to another guy who said the same thing. What does that mean?

Post-screening tweet from Entertainment Weekly‘s Anthony Breznican: “Drugs & gun-stealing, prostitute-patronizing, racist smart-ass Irish cop? The Guard has such a sick sense of humor that this is the hero.”

MSN’s James Rocchi‘s response: “Gleeson/Cheadle mismatch cop yarn has a giddily perverse sense of language, morality, genre. Rough chuckles and great bloody fun.” I’m sorry, but that makes me nervous. I don’t trust perversity that’s effing giddy.