“I’m not suggesting that AICN is in the pocket of the studios. Critics hang out with filmmakers all the time, and get schmoozed at junkets. Recently in a series of blogs, the Guardian tackled [this] issue. But fanboys want to be in the movies they adore and hang out with their heroes. [And these days] AICN’s Harry, Quint, Capone, et. al. now seem to be doing this and as a result, this flawed but thrilling site has become smug and pedestrian.
“So here’s my message to Harry: 11 years on the web is about as long as it gets. It’s time to change, either back to something simpler, or something different. I still get stupidly excited to hear that Billy Crudup might be cast as Dr. Manhattan. I want to hear about an early draft script of the Dark Knight. But every time I read that J.J. Abrams wrote you a nice email, I think that you’re not one of us any more — you’re one of them.” — The Guardian‘s Adam Rutherford ripping into Ain’t It Cool News.