Wells to Glenn Kenny (and everyone else putting me down because of last night’s riff suggesting that disdain of Silver Linings Playbook is at least partly a beefalo/lonely guy thing): I didn’t say if you don’t vote for Silver Linings Playbook you can’t get laid because you look and smell like Uriah Heep. I suggested based on honest, real-deal observation that this issue might be in play — I called it a “working theory” — if you blank SLP in terms of best of the year (i.e., not even putting it among the top ten, which is absolutely dead-to-rights ridiculous). BOFCA fucking blanked it so yes, I honestly and sincerely believe that a percentage of this org, no offense, might have a problem along these lines.

I honestly & truly believe (based on observation) that dweebs and beefalos have an issue with SLP because this is a film about extraordinarily fortunate romantic fate dropping into your lap (i.e., not some hotsy-totsy whoopsy-doopsy fuck fantasy but luckily meeting & connecting with a woman who’s upfront, loyal, vulnerable, tells the flat fucking truth and gives you the bone right through a diner window when the occasion calls for it) and life has sadly taught these Boston-residing dweebs and beefalos not to believe in that kind of luck, and indeed to disparage it. The notion of extraordinary romantic fate is a terrible, oppressive thing to carry around in their heads because it taunts them (“Sorry but this will almost certainly not happen to you, Mr. Heep”) and makes them even more quietly resigned to a life of dreaming about what probably won’t happen than they were to begin with.