The Boston Online Film Critics Association has gone for Zero Dark Thirty for Best Picture and Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director, Lincoln‘s Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor, ZDT‘s Jessica Chastain for Best Actress, Lincoln‘s Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor and Les MiserablesAnne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress. Remaining winners can be found on the BOFCA site.

Zero Silver Linings recognition indicates (emphasis in the “i” word) that the BOFCA membership is dweeb-heavy — i.e., lonely/homely guys (including a certain percentage of beefalos) who haven’t been especially lucky or fortunate in affairs of the heart. God has favored them with brains, diligence and writing ability, but he hasn’t smiled on their sex lives. Slipshod as this may sound, this is HE’s working theory about the matter. Put another way, I have come to strongly suspect over the past several weeks that if SLP has a problem with any particular group, it’s with these guys.