The legendary Ian McKellen discussed his fabled career with director Guillermo del Toro in front of a packed house at Santa Monica’s Aero theatre this evening. A fine, spirited discussion between lions of their respective realms. Listen, celebrate Mr. Holmes (which screened at 9 pm), eat the popcorn and remember  that I caught McKellen’s performance as Salieri in Peter Shaffer‘s Amadeus 34 years ago on the Broadway stage.  Team Elsewhere (myself, HE’s own Svetlana Cvetko) had front-row seats but way off to the side — a shitty vantage point. Which meant I had to creep over and take semi-close-up shots while lying on the cement floor. And then it was autograph time when it ended (beware of super-aggressive GDT fanboys!) and then GDT and McKellen got into their big, humungous, jet-black SUV and took off…and then hung a right on Montana and pulled over in front of the theatre and got out to talk to fans again. Again, the mp3.