That’s really terrific about Mindy McCready killing her late boyfriend David Wilson‘s dog before offing herself. McCready to pooch: “Ahh luv you, doggie, but I gotta die so I can join my fella and that means you gotta go too, poor fella. Yeah, sorry, I know…but it’ll be quick, I promise.”

The last dog I read about being killed due to its owner committing (or intending to commit) suicide was Blondi, Adolf Hitler‘s German Shepherd who was poisoned before Der Fuhrer and Eva Braun took cyanide. That’s nice company to be in, Mindy, if you’re reading this from purgatory.

Depression is an ugly bear that can take you straight to hell, all right, but some people greatly increase the likelihood of suicide by boozing heavily and keeping guns handy. That’s what McCready and Wilson (who also shot himself) did. Otherwise I’m sure they were fine, fine people.

In shooting herself McCready abandoned two sons — 6-year-old Zander and 10-month-old Zayne.