“It’s thundering in Venice,” Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson tweeted a couple of hours ago. “Torrential downpour. Folks in the press room are looking out the windows as a driving storm hits the Lido. I guess I’m not taking the ferry [to the] San Marco district in the near future. I did not bring an umbrella or a raincoat.”

If I was in Venice you would see video of this rainstorm up right now. And I would buy an umbrella and go wherever I wanted. One of my best Venice memories of all is taking the Lido-to-San Marco ferry in the middle of a rainstorm. The boat was rocking, rain sprays were hitting the passenger windows, you had to grab something to keep from falling. Jett went outside to see the waves and got soaked when one splashed over the deck. It was half Michael Mann-Ernest Hemingway and half Jacques Tati .

Thompson 10:10 am Update: “[Venice Film Festival] press office was closed due to huge rain leak before I filed my Somewhere review. Doing it now.”