Otis: I set the first directional vector to 9, the second to 38, and the third one to 117.
Luthor: What about the fourth one?
Otis: Whuh-whuh-whuh…what fourth one?
Luthor: Wait a minute…you set the third one to 117?
Otis: Yes.

Luthor: Otis…Otis! The third one was supposed to set to 11, and the fourth one 7!
Otis: Oh, uh…gee, gee, Mr. Luthor. I wrote the numbers on my arm and…I, I, I guess my arm…oh, golly, I guess it wasn’t long enough.
Luthor: Otis? Would you like to see a long arm? Would you like to see a very, very long arm? Otis? Otis!!!