The exotic thrill of tramping through powdery snow drifts and breathing in sub-zero air is gone. I’m sick and tired of bundling up with the extra layers, long johns, jean jacket covered by an overcoat, scarves, gloves and my black cowboy hat. No offense but I want my Southern California temperatures back (my flight leaves early tomorrow afternoon), and I want to hit the balmy Santa Barbara Film Festival. Tonight I’m having an early dinner and then catching an 8:30 pm screening of Trumped: Inside The Biggest Political Upset of All Time, which will air on Showtime in February. Here’s Owen Gleiberman’s Variety review.

Nobody got very excited about Queen of Katwe after it opened last September but that didn’t stop Vanity Fair editors from including Lupita Nyong’o in the company of award-season headliners Emma Stone, Natlie Portman, Amy Adams, etc.

I don’t care if says it’s 20 degrees outside — it definitely feels more like 5 or 10 right now.