Posted at 5:40 pm, somewhere over Kansas: Several weeks ago I made a brainless assumption after booking my 12.29 LAX-NYC flight, departing at 12:30 am. In defiance of the facts I thought all along that the flight would leave tonight. As HE regulars know, I am nothing if not an advocate of my own secular belief system.

The fact that a 12:30 am flight on “Sunday night” meant that I’d in fact be leaving on the morning of Monday, 4.30…somehow that didn’t penetrate the Hollywood Elsewhere cranium.

Last night at 10:30 pm (i.e., late on Saturday, 10.28), Tatyana took her first look at my itinerary and told me that the flight was actually leaving two hours hence. Aack!

Fixing this bone-headed error cost me $271. My new Jet Blue flight left this afternoon at 2 pm, and will arrive at JFK tonight at 10:30 pm.