I don’t know what crawled up the ass of the Parisian Weather Gods but the air was like mid-November when I stepped out of Charles DeGaulle airport this morning around 8:30 am. Not to mention the gusty breezes…how much would it cost to buy a winter overcoat? Not to mention the misty moisture that wasn’t quite rain but was close enough. Not cool, not welcome. Where the hell is global warming when you really need it? Took the good old Roissy bus into town. My Airb&b sublet in the 17th wouldn’t be ready until 1 pm so my landlady let me drop my bags off at her place. Enjoyed a nice omelette and two cafe noirs at a Montmartre cafe but the wifi (boldly promoted on a sign outside this humble establishment) was on the fritz. It wasn’t exactly cost-efficient to buy a scarf but I was chilly and uncomfortable so I got one. The sublet is in a downmarket area of the 17th (near the La Fourche metro stop) but it’s not too bad. The place itself is terrific — quaint, cozy, homey. The Godzilla screening at the Rex starts in a couple of hours. I guess I’ll just come back here to write the review.