Unless you’re a rural denialist who’s invited the whole clan over for a gluttonous, ten-course. hours-long holiday soirée…Fauci be damned. In which case thanks for spreading and prolonging.

Happy Sliced Turkey Breast with Micro-Waved, Deli-Prepared Gravy plus Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Giant or Del Monte Peas and Beans.

Seriously…Happy No-Congregation, Welcome To The New Lockdown, Love and Mercy, Crank Up The Movie Apps And We’ll See You All Next Year Thanksgiving!

Thank God Trump has decisively lost and will soon be out of power. May those who voted for him three weeks ago be haunted and kept awake by this act of sociopathic denial and nihilism for years if not decades to come…you reprehensible bastards.