Thanks to Larry Karaszewski, Hollywood Elsewhere now owns the coolest (not to mention the most exclusive) ironic Joe Biden bumper sticker in all of Los Angeles, if not the entire nation.

HE to Millennials and Zoomers: Released in mid-July of 1970, Joe was a disturbing lightning-rod drama about simmering middle-class annoyance and anger towards hippie culture. Five or six weeks before Joe opened the infamous “hard-hat riot” happened in lower Manhattan, and thereby provided a real-life echo with roughly 400 construction workers (many of them helping to build the World Trade Center) beating up antiwar demonstrators.

Directed by John Avildsen (Rocky, Save The Tiger, The Karate Kid), Joe launched the career of Peter Boyle, whose performance as the titular blue-collar hippie hater had everyone talking. It also featured the debut performance of 23 year-old Susan Sarandon.

Wiki anecdote: “When Peter Boyle saw audience members cheering the violence in Joe, he refused to appear in any other film or television show that glorified violence.”