Wayne Wang‘s Slam Dance (’87), a sultry mystery noir, was a critical bust and a financial wipeout — it cost a modest $4.5 million to shoot, but only managed a lousy $406,881 gross. The alleged bad guy was producer, screenwriter and costar Don Keith Opper, who reportedly interfered with Wang to such a degree that, according to the Wiki page, Wang tried to get his name taken off the film.

And yet Slam Dance got two things right — (a) the pistol-hot one-sheet featuring costar Virginia Madsen in a skin-tight black gown, and (b) using a music video of Tim Scott McConnell‘s “High Hopes”, a much better song than Slam Dance was a film, for promotional purposes. McConnell wrote the tune in ’85. Bruce Springsteen released a version as part of a same-titled album in 2014.

Which other films were promoted with a music video that was arguably better or at least more engaging than the movie itself?