Two recommendations-from-vested-parties pop through in Pete Hammond‘s final “Notes on a Season” column (until it resumes late next fall) — one about Anne Hathaway‘s already-praised performance in Ed Zwick‘s Love and Other Drugs, and the other about Brad Pitt‘s in Terrence Malick‘s The Tree of Life.

Hammond reports that the Zwick film, which will open during the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday, screened for select Fox executives on the 20th Century Fox lot Tuesday night. Fox co-chair Jim Gianopulos told him “it’s in remarkably good shape considering it doesn’t come out for nine months,” adding that he “would be stunned if Hathaway does not receive a nomination for this. She’s stupendous in this role. Jake [Gyllenhaal] is also very good.”

Last weekend Hammond spoke to Apparition chief Bob Berney about the Malick film, “which will be released the beginning of November but very likely to show up in Cannes well before that.

“[Berney] says the movie is like a dream and [that] Malick fans are going to be extremely happy. He also raves about Brad Pitt’s performance comparing him to Robert DeNiro in This Boy’s Life.” According to Berney people are going to see a side of Pitt they haven’t seen before.” In other words, he rants and raves and gets violent with his kids, and thereby screws up the son played by Sean Penn in his adult years.