A Better Life‘s Demian Bichir was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar due to quality of performance, word-of-mouth and pressing the flesh at industry events. When I returned from Santa Barbara last weekend I asked about running some FYC ads to help things along, but was told it was too late in the Phase Two cycle to construct ads because it would take too long. This didn’t seem to make sense as a full two weeks remain before the balloting dealdine.

So yesterday afternoon I turned to freelance art director Dylan Wells and asked if he could throw together some Bichir ads overnight. “No problem,” he said. Dylan worked on two variations (A Better Life Bichir, GQ Bichir) in four ad sizes until 2 am this morning, and when I woke up they were all in my inbox. Some minor changes were implemented today, and now they’re ready to go.

I know that in all my years of dealing with online ads I’ve never heard of any ad creator delivering two sets of ads in four sizes in a matter of hours. It always takes a few days.