The Playlist‘s Rodrigo Perez “just got an interesting tip” from a friend who got an early look at Gus Van Sant‘s Milk (Focus, 11.26). But I don’t know why he’d call it interesting since the guy doesn’t say if the biopic was any good or not.

All the tipster said is that (a) it’s much more “old school” Van Sant in the vein of the assured and economical days of Good Will Hunting or Drugstore Cowboy, rather than his recent experimental phase (Elephant, Last Days, etc.); (b) the editing was fantastic; (c) the use of old, archival footage rather seamless and adroit and (e) that the film “pops” with vibrant color.
That’s it? Earth to tipster: Did you like it? Is it well made? How good is Sean Penn? How did it make you feel? Does it…you know, deliver anything close to the emotional impact of The Times of Harvey Milk? Who are the standouts supporting players? Is it a derby movie?
Milk is about gay super-martyr Harvey Milk (Penn) — the first openly gay man elected to office (i.e., San Francisco city supervisor) in U.S. history, but who was later killed by a disturbed ex-supervisor named Dan White (Josh Brolin) who also shot SF mayor George Moscone on the same day.
James Franco and Diego Luna costar.