From a 6.15 McSweeney’s essay by Samuel Priest: “I hate the new Ghostbusters movie because my number one issue when judging a film is and has always been Hollywood finance reform. And frankly, I’m tired of all big blockbuster movies. The movie system is corrupt and I think we need to put our foot down, right now specifically in 2016, to put a stop to this new Ghostbusters movie as a signal that we’re done with all big hollywood blockbusters. And if you don’t agree with me, well, maybe you need to stop buying movie tickets with your vagina.

“Of course we’re ready for a comedy-action movie with female leads. And of course, we’re overdue. But I think we need to wait for the RIGHT new Ghostbusters movie, not just ANY Ghostbusters movie. The women in the new Ghostbusters movie have a lot of good comedy experience — yes, of course. But over the last 20 years I can find a few examples of them not being funny, especially when you take those moments out of context.”