From Thomas Friedman‘s “How Can We Trust This G.O.P. in Power Again?” (N.Y. Times, 11.17): “A political party that will not speak up against such a reckless leader [as Donald Trump] is not a party any longer. It is some kind of populist cult of personality.

“That’s been obvious ever since this G.O.P. was the first party to conclude its presidential nominating convention without offering any platform. It declared that its platform was whatever its Dear Leader said it was. That is cultlike.

Are we just supposed to forget this G.O.P.’s behavior as soon as Trump leaves and let its leaders say: ‘Hey fellow Americans, Trump tried to overturn the election with baseless claims, and we went along for the ride. But he’s gone now, so you can trust us to do the right things again.’”

A completely wise and sensible suggestion from Keith Olbermann: