Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has wimped out and dropped the ball as far as picking his vice-presidential nominee is concerned.

The Washington Post is reporting that Uncle Joe has announced a two-week delay in naming the woman who will become his running mate.

Translation: “Man, it’s hard making a final decision plus there’s all this back-and-forth shit going on between reps of the contenders and in the media. I’ve had several months to figure this out but now I need a little more time. Maybe it’ll be easier if I delay my decision for a couple of weeks. I can only repeat that it’s hard, man…really hard to finally decide. Just ask the Lovin’ Spoonful.”

Biden recently said he’d name his pick sometime this week, which everyone presumed would be either today, tomorrow or Wednesday.

The alleged reason is that “the process has become a mess that has pitted women against woman.” So? Ambitious contenders gonna diss the competition. Politics is a rough-and-tumble profession. The point is that Biden needed to man up and make a call, and unfortunately this morning he revealed that he’s found this choosing thing to be too much of a headache. Better to kick the can down the street and hope that matters soon clarify

The Washington Post has reported that Biden supporters feel that the process has become “messier than it should be,” pitting women — and especially black women — against one another.” Biden’s solution: Prolonging the process by two weeks so things can get even messier.

HE to Biden: You can’t stop human nature, Joe. Just man up and make the call. Kicking the can down the street is for candy-asses.

The delay indicates there is no clear favorite among Biden or his allies to be his running mate. Translation: Biden probably likes Harris the most but she has enemies talking her down (i.e., “too ambitious”) and so he’s waffling and dithering.