‘s Alex Billington struck a blow for serious film devotees last night by raising a huge ruckus over some dickweed texting during a press & industry screening of Ti West‘s The Sacrament. Billington complained to TIFF volunteers, who threw up their hands. Then he bolted out of the theatre and, in an act of absurdist role-playing, dialed 911 — a call reportedly laughed off by authorities. Then he went on Twitter to lambast the Toronto Film Festival for (allegedly) officially permitting texting during films. I was going to call this a Hollywood Elsewhere-styled emotional reaction, but calling 911 goes beyond anything I would have done. Serious gonzo! (Wells to Anthony Breznican: I’ll give you $1000 if Billington’s 911 call interfered with the response time to any genuine emergency.) Despite having been a texting offender in the past, I take my hat off to Billington for his passion and his moxie. Texting should absolutely not be permitted during any screenings, and shame on TIFF if it’s true about them officially allowing this. Any journalist who texts during a p & i screening should be prevented from getting TIFF press accreditation for a minimum of three years.