I have a semi-serious question about Lenny Abrahamson‘s Frank (Magnolia, 8.15) that deserves a semi-serious answer. The allegedly bone-dry British-Irish dramedy is about a deranged musician (Michael Fassbender) who goes around wearing a basketball-shaped paper mache cartoon doofus head. (The late English musician Christopher Mark Sievey wore a head like this after adopting the persona of Frank Sidebottom in 1984.) It’s one of those Sundance-y films that invites you to adopt the correct hip attitude in order to get into it. (If you can’t adjust, fine…but it’s your problem and not the film’s.) Obviously Frank has its indie credentials in order but what if Adam Sandler played Frank rather than Fassbender? That’s my question. I might eventually see Frank (haven’t decided yet) but I know for sure that I hate the head. The costars are Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Scoot McNairy.