I was a somewhat regular 24 Hr. Fitness guy for about eight or nine years, but I let the membership slide sometime around ’02. Last week I grimmed up to the fact that sooner or later I’d have a Quentin Tarantino body if I didn’t turn things around, so I’ve become an Equinox guy. I’ll be going back to the usual regimen (25 minutes on a treadmill, nautilus and free weights for a half-hour) with a limited membership for only $150 per month plus extras.

“Limited” means you go to just one club. (There are several scattered around Manhattan.) The one I’ve chosen is at B’way and 19th Street.

The closer was Equinox’s laundry policy. For an extra $70 per month you can drop off your sweaty workout duds and they’ll be clean and good to go the next time you come in. No lugging a gym bag around or having to personally wash the damn things over and over! I’ll have to rent a regular locker, of course. I bought a combo lock last weekend. I’ve settled on the B’way and 19th Street location)

The daily plan is to write the column from 6:30 or 7 am to 11 or 11:30, and then hit the club around noon or 12:30 pm, and then back at it around 2 pm in a nearby Starbucks for two or three hours. And then some wander-around time before the evening screenings start at 6 or 7 pm. Six or seven days a week, I’m thinking. Okay, I may slack off on weekends.

Another idea is popping Hoodia appetite-suppressant pills. Of course, if I really want to drop 25 or 30 pounds I’ll need to stop the 16 ounce cans of beer at the end of the day.