A 6.3 digital presentation of Woody Allen and Vittorio Storaro‘s Cafe Society at Cine Gear Expo has been described in mouth-watering terms by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Carolyn Giardina.

“Storaro actually arrived hours earlier in the day to make sure the projection was just as he intended,” she writes. “The gorgeous imagery was, uniquely, screened from a 12-bit uncompressed 4K DPX file (rather than a commonly used Digital Cinema Package), playing off a Clipster postproduction system and displayed with a Sony 4K projector — meaning that the Cine Gear presentation of the movie had more resolution and color tonality than today’s most commonly used digital cinema projectors.

“Lensed with Sony’s F65 digital cinematography camera (and lighter F55 for Steadicam work), Café Society was both Storaro and Allen’s first feature-length motion picture shot with a digital camera.

“A few years ago it was film or digital,” Storaro said on Friday. “It was a difficult choice. Producers thought digital was cheaper — not true. Or it’s faster — not true. [But] when Woody called me, I said ‘You can’t stop process.’ [With 2K] I thought ‘what about the rest of the information?’ You lost it. The camera had to be 4K 16-bit. When I met the Sony F65, I said, ‘This is the camera we are supposed to use.'”

I haven’t the background or hands-on knowledge, but some believe that the Alexa 65 delivers richer images than the Sony F-65; some believe that the Red Dragon is better still.

Reddit commenter “holomntn”: “I wouldn’t buy any of them right now. All the sensors are old in tech terms so all the companies are prepping replacements. Red already announced the 8K and Weapon. Arri is ‘allegedly’ working on a 6K Super-35 sensor. Sony has the rumored rolling Bayer pattern sensor. Within 18 months we should see all the top-tier cameras replaced.”