The current heat waves all over the country, with many areas affected by tempeatures of 100 degrees-plus and with most meterologists saying the heat will continue well into the coming week, have nothing to do with global warming. It just gets really hot in mid-July… that’s all. Enough with the anti-free-choice, anti-American-way-of-life crap propaganda being spread around by Al Gore and the pinko lefties at Paramount Vantage. Just turn on the a.c., pop open a cool one, turn on the tube and chill.

Current issue of EW sitting on small table at Typhoon, the good-timey, Asian-flavored place with great views of the Santa Monica Airport runaway. Typhoon is owned by Brian Vidor, son of director Charles Vidor (Love Me or Leave Me, Gilda, Cover Girl) who wasn’t related to King Vidor. Pic snapped on Saturday, 7.15, 10:15 pm.