Just came across this old, old (6.23.06) YouTube parody trailer for an imagined Hugh Jackman/Wolverine movie called X-Men 3: The Last Standing Ovation. The basic thread is that the creator of the trailer is a semi- homophobe smart-ass. He feels that Jackman’s having sung and danced in three stage musicals (as “Curly” in Oklahoma!, as “Billy Bigelow” in Carousel , and as the girlymanish Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz) compromises the macho-stud element in his Wolverine performances. That’s is…that’s the whole thing. (Meanwhile that 6.1.06 Wolverine script — written by David Benioff, with revisions by David Ayer — is sitting on the desktop unread. Because I’m lazy, distracted, undisciplined, etc.)