I was told this morning that the Hollywood blogerati have seen Battle: LA (Sony, 3.11), but are review- embargoed. The L.A. all-media happens on Tuesday. I’m presuming it will at least rank as a passable alien-invasion flick with suitable, or possibly better-than-suitable, CG. The presumption about content, on the other hand, is that it’s going to be a thought-free, spook-cut, herky-jerky wankathon that will spin your brain and eyes and leave you vibrating. I thought Aaron Eckhart might make a difference, but this is a Harvey Dent payday.

I’m a bit skeptical (forgive me) knowing that director Jonathan Liebesman (Killing Room, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) has shown no signs thus far of being invested in the James Cameron approach to audience movies, which is to do the heavy lifting on the script (developing a theme, sharpening the dialogue, creating well-motivated characters) before jumping into the visual power-punch stuff. Will it be better than Skyline? That’s all I have to ask.