Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker, Benicio del Toro, Sarah Silverman, Dustin Hoffman, Ellen DeGeneres, Jonah Hill, Jamie Foxx, etc., have made a plea to the self-absorbed sociopaths out there who haven’t yet registered to vote. That would mainly be, of course, the under-25 hoo-hoos, also known as the Generation of Shame. I love how Leo, Benicio and friends are clearly talking down to this crowd. As if it’s clearly understood that these people are infants who can’t see one centimeter beyond their little personal dramas, attitudes, whims and appetites.

Toward the end the team asks each viewer to send the URL to five friends, which is why it’s called…uhmm, hold on…”Five Friends.”
As MSNBC’s First Read noted this morning, “One potential sign of worry for Obama in this NBC/WSJ/MySpace poll is that these new/lapsed voters aren’t as interested in the election as your average voter is. In the poll, 49% of them say they’re very interested, but that’s compared with 70% of all registered voters who said this in the most recent NBC/WSJ survey. ‘Obama still has a significant challenge to get [these new voters] to the polls,’ Newhouse observes.
“One note about the methodology in the poll: It was conducted partly online and partly by phone, the online portion was a poll of a panel survey. That said, the results are consistent with our normal crosstabs from our NBC/WSJ poll.”